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On October 8th members of the European Parliament voted to ban menthol cigarettes, ten packs and pouches of roll your own tobacco under 20g.

As one of your constituents I am writing to express my strong opposition to measures that will restrict choice with little evidence they will improve public health.

I hope you agree with me that the EU should not dictate the flavour of tobacco or the size of pack available to consumers in the UK. Ten packs, for example, are often purchased by adults for reasons of economy or because they are trying to reduce their consumption.

If the revised Tobacco Products Directive is introduced in its current form it could also have serious consequences for retailers in Britain, many of who will lose business as outlawed products are sold on the black market.

The European Parliament, the European Commission and government ministers from the 28 member states are now in negotiation over the final text so it is not too late for the UK Government to influence the outcome.

I would be grateful if you would raise this issue as a matter of urgency with Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, and public health minister Jane Ellison.